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The hottest tech accessories are here at five below. Check out our tech section for every must-have product and accessory on your wish list, from chargers and reading lights to speakers that double as an essential oil diffuser!

Keep your budget in check with all the great values we offer, letting you stock up on all your wishes and wants without paying top dollar. With an impressive array of tech temptations for $10 or less, you can stay connected wherever the day takes you!

Phone Chargers

If we were to put together a list of the most common questions we hear on any given day, we’d certainly find “Does anyone have a charger?” close to the top! The simple truth is, most of us spend a lot of time on our phones. Even if we don’t make a single call that day, chances are good we texted, browsed the internet, kept up-to-date with our friends and family through social media, and more. Add that all up, and it’s easy to see why our batteries are calling out for a boost once or more throughout a typical day.

With five below’s awesomely affordable prices on phone chargers, ensuring you have that much-needed boost at the ready is easy. We have wall chargers, charging cables, wireless phone chargers, power banks, and more. And if you use your phone in the car for navigation apps, be sure to grab one of our phone car mounts, as well!

LED Lighting

At five below, we believe there’s always more room for extra light in the world, and our LED tech accessories deliver!

  • A favorite for all ages, our stick-on touch lights are perfect for closets, cupboards, stairways, or any corner of your world that could benefit from a little illumination
  • Looking for lights that flash to the beat of your music? Our LED sound activated lights add some color to your tunes, and are available in green, blue, and red! These USB-powered lights can be added just about anywhere using the self-sticking adhesive. And if you want to add some oomph to the sound to complement the dazzling lights, check out our selection of Bluetooth speakers!

Computer Accessories

While our computers themselves may have gotten a lot smaller over the years, their capabilities have increased exponentially! And with that increase has come an array of new must-have tech accessories to help us make the most of our screen time. Even the smallest computer accessories are an important piece of the puzzle, and you’ll find them at five below for an amazing price every day! Ready to upgrade your computer accessories? Be sure to check out our selection of…

  • Mouse Pads – With how much time many of us spend at our computers, a fun mouse pad is a must!
  • Surge Protectors – Safety first! All those tech accessories we love so much can add up to a significant power demand. Ensure you aren’t overloading your electrical outlets by using a surge protector.
  • Batteries – We’ve all had that moment where no matter how much we wiggle the wireless mouse, it simply isn’t moving on the screen! Keep a stash of batteries on-hand to ensure you always have the power needed to keep your day chugging along without a hitch.
  • …and so much more!