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Most of us have experienced that sinking “oh gosh, noooo!” feeling of dropping an unprotected cell phone. As we look down at our phone, a million thoughts run through our minds, many of which center around our wish that we had invested in a quality screen protector and case. If we’re fortunate, we got away with it this time, and our phone survived the fall without damage. And if we weren’t, we’re often reminded of our mistake for the next few months as we save for a new phone, dealing with a cracked screen in the meantime. And that is if we’re lucky enough that it still works!

At five below, we understand the temptation to leave your phone unprotected. Fresh out of the box, they’re so shiny, so smooth, so new! It can seem almost criminal to cover up all that new tech beauty. But simply put, drops and scratches are going to happen. No matter how careful and responsible we are, our phones are a major part of our everyday lives, and they’re naturally going to suffer from some normal wear and tear, in addition to those inevitable drops. That’s why five below stocks a superior selection of screen protectors for the most popular phone models, to ensure you can always afford to properly protect your investment!

iPhone Screen Protectors

The oh-so-popular iPhone is a true work of modern tech art, complete with sleek curves, a slim profile, and a crystal clear screen. That said, it is also a fragile work of art that commands a bit of care to keep it performing at its best. Whether you’re rocking a brand new iPhone, or enjoying one of their older designs, five below offers perfectly sized screen protectors for many models. Here are a few popular picks to choose from…

Samsung Screen Protectors

Does your life run on Android? Don’t worry – we’ve got your phone covered, too! five below keeps plenty of screen protectors for Samsung phones in stock, with many of the most popular models to choose from. A few to consider include…

Now that your screen is protected, it’s time for the real fun to start! Browse five below’s superior selection of phone chargers, phone cases, earbuds, and must-have tablet accessories. We have new arrivals rolling in all the time, so be sure to check back often and save big on trendy tech!