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earbuds are a complete essential when it comes to leading an active lifestyle. whether you like to listen to your favorite pump-up songs during that intense workout, you need tunes to make time pass on long car rides, or you just love listening to music no matter what you’re doing, you’ll love the wide selection of earbuds from five below. at unbelievable prices for a set of earbuds, you’ll want to stock up so that you never find yourself without a pair. don’t waste your money on expensive iphone earbuds that you’ll lose immediately. instead, get a pair of headphones from five below. our selection of earbuds can be paired with your favorite tech product!

show off your own personal style and flair with a pair of super cool earbuds in awesome colors. shop funky patterned earphones with polka-dots, stripes, and even floral designs that will have you looking fly as you rock out to your favorite songs. earbuds with a mic will make it super easy to multitask and talk on the phone while doing a million other things. if you don’t want to get tied down with wires pick up a pair of bluetooth headphones or bluetooth speakers from five below and watch your whole life become more productive!

active sport earphones make it easy to work up a sweat and get your body moving with ear supports that wrap over the top of your ear to ensure that the bud will never fall out, even during an intense workout or sports practice. pick up a sleek travel case for your earbuds to that you can take your music on the road with you without having to worry about whether or not your earbuds will get tangled up or break and be sure to have a phone charger ready so you won’t ever have to miss out on listening to your favorite music. shop our full collection of cell phone accessories and phone cases to ensure you are always prepared to enjoy music on the go!