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summertime is finally here, which means it’s the perfect time to stock up on pool accessories from five below. there’s nothing more relaxing than lounging on a fun pool float while sipping on a fruity beverage and enjoying the summer sun’s warm rays. but some pool floats can rack up a price tag of over $30 in the blink of an eye. at five below, all of our super fun and quirky pool floats and pool accessories are only five dollars or less—so you can get one of each and fill up the whole pool with fun floats, and you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank.

whether you prefer the fun donut pool float, a traditional pool float, or something totally wild that lets you show off your unique personality whenever you’re in the water, five below has you covered. shop circular pool floats alongside sriracha bottle shaped floats, gators, dolphins, mermaids, metallic lips, popsicles, and even poop emoji pool float.  you’ll also find a wide variety of glitter pool floats and tire themed pool floats. don’t forget to pick up a pump so that you can always keep your floats inflated. your pool party wouldn’t be complete without some inflatable floating drink holders, surf hopper water balls, saucer splash disks, and pong pool floats for a few fresh rounds of pong in the pool.

don’t make the mistake of heading out for your family beach vacation without first hitting up five below. at five below, you’ll find all the beach games you never knew you needed. who’s up for some rounds of basketball with the inflatable floating basketball hoop? pool games and water toys from five below will provide fun for the whole family for hours. don’t forget to stock up on goggles, floaties for the little ones, water shoes, water guns, and pool towels—all of which you can find at five below in the store or on the website for just five dollars.