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As fun as it can be to fill our beds, chairs, and sofas with throw pillows, it can also get quite costly rather quickly! Few among us haven’t experienced the disappointment of finding cute, cozy, stylish throw pillows that we simply must own, only to take a peek at the price and immediately suffer sticker shock. Simply put – throw pillows can be so expensive. But at five below, they are so affordable instead!

Decorative Pillows Let You Have More Fun

When shopping at other stores where throw pillows might cost $20+ dollars apiece, practicality can be a primary concern. When you’re investing that sum of money, you want to be sure the pillows will work well for everyday use, complementing your existing décor, and easily incorporating into the overall look and feel of the room should you decide to switch up the paint color or get a new area rug. You’re thinking of things like longevity, subtlety, and ability to blend in, without much room for thinking about things like fun and trends. And that is where five below comes in!

Our affordable decorative pillows make it easy to mix things up without breaking the bank. Now you can have all the squishy soft throw pillow fun you crave without dipping into your bill budget! Let’s take a look at a few favorites…

Faux Fur Pillows

On the unofficial softness scale of five below throw pillows, our faux fur designs rank at the top of the list! Choose from textured faux fur pillows in chevron, diamond, and fuzzy styles, or amp up the glam factor with our supremely snuggly high pile pillows.

Decorative Bed Pillows

While any of our throw pillows will be happy to call your bed home, some styles are especially well suited to occupy your designated snooze space! Favorites include our elegant quilted velvet throw pillows, perfect for a more luxurious look and feel, and our tongue-in-cheek graphic throw pillows, that capture our many moods so well.

Travel Pillows

Keeping comfy while traveling can be difficult to say the least, particularly if it’s a long journey in a tight space. And while travel pillows can’t work magic in providing you more leg room, they can help prevent a sore neck, keeping your head comfortably propped up as you relax or catch some zzz’s.

As amazing as throw pillows are – and we think they’re pretty amazing! – pillows alone cannot tie a room together. But fret not, affordable décor aficionado! five below is home to all your other essentials as well.

Kick up your feet in style with one of our modern ottomans, give your furry bestie a new place to lounge with one of our cute dog beds, and add literal and figurative warmth with a few fleece or cotton throw blankets. Once the finishing touches have been added, light a stick of incense, and sit back to enjoy your new space.