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we love our pets; it’s true. many people wouldn’t think twice about spending more on pet toys and pet accessories, like dog outfits, than they would ever consider spending on themselves. thankfully, when you shop for pet accessories and pet toys at five below, you can rest easy that you won’t blow your budget, getting everything that your pet wants or needs. five below has a wide variety of both cute and practical dog outfits, including Halloween, Christmas, and other holiday and special occaision wear for your pets, an amazing assortment of pet accessories like leashes, backpacks (both for your pet to wear or for your pet to travel in), and an absolutely astounding array of pet toys for you to choose from.

do you shop name brands when you’re on the hunt for pet accessories and pet toys? well, we have those at five below. are you looking to stock up for your pet anniversary or your beloved furry friend’s birthday with fun pet tee shirts or tennis ball toys for your dog? we’ve got you covered. everything from special holiday treats, toys, and pet accessories, to everyday pet toys like cyclone cat toys or cuddly pet beds, are available through our pet portal on five below.

the days when a simple collar was all that was available for you to accessorize your pet are long behind us. at five below we have so many pet hats, pet coats, dog outfits, pet costumes, leashes, toys, collars, pet leg warmers, pet pajamas, and other fantastic pet accessories, that you’ll have a hard time choosing just how to outfit your dog or cat. thankfully, like everything else at five below, everything we have available for your pets is reasonably priced, so you can literally buy all your dog outfits, pet accessories, and toys without breaking the bank.