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Stay on top of home décor trends and must-have new styles with the latest arrivals to the five below home department! We make it easy and affordable to find everything you want and need, from the perfect holiday decorations, to the snuggliest throw blankets. At five below, you can keep your home looking fresh and new without breaking your budget.

Bedroom Décor

For many of us, our bedroom is our personal sanctuary. Whether we live with others and it’s the only room in the house we can truly call our own, or we live alone but find ourselves watching TV from bed more often than the couch, creating a relaxing, inspiring space is essential. It’s also oh-so-affordable with some of the new home products here at five below! Let’s take a look at a few of our faves…

Storage Baskets

Whether you opt for our rustic wire baskets with handles, lattice storage baskets, or woven storage bins, keeping your bedroom neat and organized is easy! We love using these for corralling lotion, fragrances, makeup, charging cables, and more.

LED Essential Oil Diffusers

For bedroom décor that tantalizes your sense of sight and smell, our trendy pyramid aroma diffuser is a must! With internal sensors that heat essential oils to the perfect temperature, this pretty and petite diffuser will help you drift off into dreamland with soothing lights and relaxing scents.

Throw Pillows

We aren’t sure if this is a scientific fact, but our personal research has shown that you quite literally cannot have too many throw pillows. If there is any visible space on your bed that isn’t occupied by a cute throw pillow, there is 100% room for another pillow. And another pillow is kind of our specialty!

Living Room Décor

Now that your bedroom is all spruced up, it’s time to show some love to the living room! And lucky for you, our living room décor trends are just as affordable as our bedroom picks…

Throw Blankets

You know that personal research we mentioned about how you can’t have too many throw pillows? Fun fact: The results were the same for throw blankets! In fact, you can even keep those in your car and at the office, so there might even be room to buy more blankets than pillows. Throw blankets are fashionable, functional, and add an effortless ease to a room when casually draped over a sofa or chair.

Area Rugs

Few things instantly update a room as effectively as a fresh coat of paint or a new area rug, and we’ve got the latter covered here at five below! Our easy-care, incredibly stylish and affordable area rugs allow you to mix up your living room look often, without spending a lot of money in the quest to try new decorating styles.

Floor Pillows

Want to take advantage of some new trend furniture options, but are working with limited space? Floor pillows make a smart and stylish option! Stow them neatly away to use when you have more company than couch space, or leave them out year-round and let your pet have another place to nap.

Our selection of on-trend home décor ideas is always changing, so be sure to check back often to see the latest and greatest additions.