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We don’t play favorites when it comes to the senses, because let’s face it – they’re all pretty awesome! But there is something especially magical about the sense of smell, the sense most closely linked to memory.

Invisible, powerful, and able to transport us to a place in time like no other sense can, the aromas we surround ourselves with can influence our emotions and mood, and even our energy levels. As for one of our favorite ways to fill a space with captivating scent? You guessed it – incense!

Incense for Every Mood

While many of us associate incense with the free-spirited 1960s, it has actually been used for a variety of purposes going back thousands of years. Today, in addition to general home use, two places many of us encounter incense is in religious ceremonies and yoga studios. But we don’t have to reserve the use of incense for sacred spaces and special occasions. With an array of scents, incense burners, and gift sets to choose from, you can enjoy incense as often as you like!

Gonesh Incense Sticks

If you’re just getting started with incense and aren’t sure which scents to choose to foster the mood you’re aiming for, Gonesh sticks are a great place to start! Each is clearly labeled with the scents they feature, and the feelings and states of being they nurture, including: Relax, Beauty, Inspire, and Strength.

Seven Chakras Incense Sticks

Another popular favorite for beginners and experienced incense fans alike are the seven chakras incense, designed to help you align each of your 7 chakras. Each set includes the full range of scents, with 7 incense sticks for each! The scents and their chakra complements include: Lotus – Crown Chakra; Jasmine – Third Eye Chakra; Eucalyptus – Throat Chakra; Rose – Heart Chakra; Lavender – Solar Plexus Chakra; Ylang Ylang – Sacral Chakra; Cedar – Root Chakra.

Incense Stick Burners

Once you’ve stocked up on all your favorite scents, you’ll need an equally inspiring way to burn them, and our collection of stylish incense stick holders offers something for everyone! Let’s look at a few popular designs…

Karma Scents Wooden Incense Burner

Proving that classic design never goes out of style, Karma Scents has taken a traditional incense burner shape and given it a modern upgrade with color! Choose from purple, pink, green, black, or the more common brown tone.

Hamsa Hand Incense Stick Holder

A departure from more simple designs, our Hamsa incense burner is a true work of art! Its antiqued metallic finish makes it look like a treasured item you might happen upon in a vintage shop, but the expensive look comes at an awesomely affordable price that requires no antique store hunting to uncover!

Now that you have everything you need to make the scent of your space match your mood, shop five below’s other affordable home décor options to satisfy your other senses! From wall décor and light signs to sumptuously soft and stylish throw pillows, making a house a home is oh-so-affordable at five below.