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Feeling overwhelmed by all the must-haves at five below, and aren’t quite sure where to begin your shopping adventure? Our best sellers are a great place to start! Here you’ll find some of our most popular customer faves that are flying off our virtual shelves. From hot home décor trends to decidedly cool dog clothes, we have something for everyone!

Cozy Home Décor Ideas

Throw Blankets & Pillows

If you find yourself snuggled up on the sofa no matter the season, shop five below’s throw blankets and throw pillows – some of our most popular home décor items year-round! Our affordable toss pillows and blankets make it easy to switch up the look and feel of your space without sacrificing on comfort, or breaking your budget. From lush and plush faux fur designs, to trendy ikat prints, getting the latest looks for your home at a price that’s just as nice is easy!


If blankets and pillows simply aren’t quite cozy enough, our Squishmallows are up to the task! These oh-so-lovable and oh-so-huggable squishy animals are equal parts plush and pillow. Kids and adults alike love curling up on the couch with one or more Squishmallows, which are almost as fun to collect as they are to cuddle. That could help explain why they’re always a best seller!

Essential Oils

five below is excited to offer an array of popular essential oils to help uplift, relax, rejuvenate, or simply scent your space with whatever oil matches your mood. Our affordable essential oil diffusers make it easy to customize the scent in every room of your home, with different designs featuring LED lights and built-in speakers.

Modern Home Décor Ideas

LED Lighting

If your space is in need of a little illumination, you’ll find trendy LED lighting must-haves here at five below! From decorative lighting featuring popular shapes and words, to sound-activated lights that turn your favorite song into a spectacular visual experience, following all your favorite décor trends is affordably easy with a little help from five below.

Organizational Home Accessories

Whether you’re a dedicated minimalist, or your penchant for finding new things to collect knows no bounds, chances are your home could use a little help in the organization department. five below’s best-selling home storage essentials make it easy to tackle clutter big and small, whether you simply need a few small storage bins to corral keys and coins, or 10” x 10” collapsible storage bins that can be used alone, or fit inside most cube storage units. Whatever you choose to fill them with, they’ll help you maintain a clean, organized, modern space.

From cheap cool furniture accessories, to smart shelving that makes the most of every inch of space, you’ll find it here in five below’s collection of best selling home décor!