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Stuffed Animals and Plush Toys Come in All Shapes and Sizes
Stuffed animals and plush toys from five below are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to snuggle up with an adorable little creature. From stuffed paw patrol characters to cute little hatchimals and soft emoji clips, you’ll be sure to find the perfect snuggle bud.

You’ll be able to stock your toy chest with soft plush creatures without breaking the bank. Perfect in classrooms and daycare centers and as party favors or last-minute gifts, the stuffed animal selection from five below is your one-stop shop for all things fluffy.

Plush Toys and Dolls Make Excellent Gifts

You don’t really need a special occasion to pick up a cute stuffed animal for your little one – it’s a great way to brighten their day when they need a little surprise to keep them going. At five below, you can shop rainbow owls, sparkly fishes, adorable teeny puppies dressed in uniform, and even snack-food plush pillows.

We’ve also got mini stuffed animals too, which make the perfect accessory for any bedroom shelf and will fit in your kid’s pocket for adventures around town. Complete your kid’s room today with dolls and action figures, too, for your little one’s play area.

Cute Stuffed Animals Make Everyone Happy
You will be amazed by the huge selection of high quality, name brand stuffed animals at five below. Find a toy that your child will bond with immediately and love for years. Stuffed animals and plush toys are beloved by babies, toddlers, and even big kids.

Don’t spend too much money shopping for overpriced stuffed animals at other toy stores. Instead, collect all the super soft stuffed animals from five below and entertain your little ones for hours.

Plush Toys and Stuffed Animal Friends, For Less
Find your child’s new best friend with five below’s selection of ultra-cuddly stuffed toys and animals. Many kids cherish their stuffed animals for years, so make a contribution to your child’s lifelong memories with something super soft and comforting. Stuffed toys can make naptime and bedtime much easier, so take a step in making both you and your child’s life happier with a snuggly new buddy from five below.

And if something stuffed and cuddly isn’t what you are looking for check out our huge selection of toys that are sure to keep them busy and happy.