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Musical Toys Are Fun for All Ages!

Every little kid starts out with an interest in music, right? It doesn’t take a future Mozart to see a guitar or toy keyboard and get super excited to pluck the strings or bang the keys. Well now, thanks to the music toys store at five below, your kids can get outfitted with all the musical gear they can handle.

Whether you’re cultivating a future member of the symphony, a future teenager who will be taking over the garage for band practice when they make it to high school, or a little tyke who can’t wait to channel his energy into banging on the toy drums from five below – you really can’t go wrong when you shop kids toys and instruments today.

Musical Toys Inspire Creativity

Nothing satisfies a youngster with an interest in creative self expression quite like a toy that also makes music. Whether your little one is the front man or woman of the future, and ready to start warming up their pipes with some melodic karaoke, or they just love the whimsical color and sounds of the mallet on a toy xylophone, five below has whatever you need to get them inspired with a life-long passion for music. For those aspiring songwriters, pick up a journal for their music writing needs.

Musical Toys Can Be Loud With Amplification, or Quiet With Ear Buds

Is your young one interested in learning how to play guitar, but not ready to make the commitment to full time lessons? Why not get them a teach-yourself box set of guitar lessons and let them tackle the challenge on their own? Pair up any of the musical toys on five below with a set of Bluetooth speakers, and your little ones will be entertaining you with a encore performance at their first home concert in your living room!

Or if you need a bit of peace and quiet when the music gets too loud, just pick up a pair of ear buds or headphones at five below and you’ll have the silence you crave while your kids get to make all the noise they want to!