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keep your summer fun with bubbles and chalk

There are few toys that scream “summer!” as loudly as bubbles and colorful sidewalk chalk. These simple, timeless treats are what lazy summer days are made of, whether you’re perfecting the lines for hopscotch, drawing a giant sun in the driveway, or just relaxing on the front stoop filling your neighborhood with oodles of oversized bubbles. Want to get the family dog in on the fun, as well? We can’t promise your own pup will love chasing bubbles as much as ours do, but we have a sneaking suspicion she just might!

Bubble Wands

Do you remember the endless possibilities you felt as a child with a brand new bubble wand in your hands? There was quite simply nothing like it. Whether your wand was equipped to make normal sized bubbles or giant bubbles was no matter – you knew for sure you were about to have the best day ever! Gift a special little one in your life that same feeling. five below stocks a superior selection of fun bubble wands to choose from so you can find the perfect fit for your kiddo!

Pro Tip: If you’re shopping for more than one child, choose bubble wands in different colors or styles. This will help ensure they know exactly which wand is theirs if they forget where they put it down!

Bubble Machines

Are you looking for a SERIOUS round of bubbly fun? The level of bubbles that you simply can’t produce with blowing bubbles? Enter bubble machines! These automated bubble makers kick the soapy good times up a notch, and are ideal for kiddos and pets who love to chase the bubbles around the yard. One of our favorite summer activities is to flip on the bubble machine and get the timer ready. Whichever kid can pop the most bubbles in 2 minutes gets to choose their ice pop flavor first!

Let Your Creativity Shine with Sidewalk Chalk

With a few pieces of chalk in a child’s hand, the whole world is their canvas! Well – the sidewalk or the driveway, at least. Encourage your youngster to unleash their inner artist. Let them choose what to draw, or give them some prompts to get their creativity flowing. And don’t be afraid to sit on the ground with them! Show them that whether we’re 5 or 35, we never lose the desire to draw clouds, rainbows, and even our names in elaborate script on the concrete. And the next time it rains, a brand new canvas is born – no clean-up required!

Bubbles are the Perfect Celebratory Fun

Bubbles make a great choice for celebrating birthday parties, summer holidays, and even weddings! Whether you include them in a goodie bag, or simply leave a few bottles out on each table, kids and adults alike cannot resist the allure of bubbles. These cheap, nostalgic treats are something almost all of us have enjoyed throughout our lives, and they instantly return us to a simpler time free of stress and the worries of the day. Even if your kiddo puts up a fight about bath time, they’re sure to appreciate these bubbles!

Indoor Summer Toys

Looking for some summertime activities your kids can enjoy after the sun has set, or when the skies are looking a bit gloomy? The good times don’t have to stop over a little bit of rain! Check out our full selection of arts and craft kits, toy dolls, slime kits, and coloring books to keep the fun flowing until the sun is shining once again.