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whether you’re supplying a home office, a school classroom, or a small business, you’re going to need a regular influx of office supplies, including the regular box of pens, pack of pencils, and mechanical pencils, too. you can keep up with all your needs for writing implements, whether you’re looking for mechanical pencils, regular pencils, or any type of pen, while saving lots of money by shopping for office supplies on five below. a pack of pencils, a box of pens, and all kinds of mechanical pencils are available from five below! fill your cart with all the ink & graphite you need, leaving you with enough in your office supply or art supplies budget to spend on the bigger ticket items.

at five below, you’ll find boxes of pens, packs of pencils, and mechanical pencils from all the top brands. you’ll have so much to choose from when shopping for writing implements on five below that you’ll never have to settle for a boring pack of pencils or pens, unless that’s what you’re looking for! don’t forget while you are at five below shopping for pens & pencils to stock up on our name brand notebooks and sketchbooks.

it doesn’t matter if you’re shopping to stock an office, a classroom, or a business, you can find a box of pens, pack of pencils, or mechanical pencils that will fit your needs for less on five below. put something down in writing today, and in any color of the rainbow, affordably by shopping for your office supplies on five below. we have the writing implements that you need to get your schoolwork, home work, office work, or whatever kind of writing you need done. if pens and pencils aren’t your style don’t forget about our huge selection of markers and coloring books that are sure to keep you busy for hours on end!