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from artist pens to colored pencils, five below has all the drawing utensils you need for less! we’re always on the lookout for new and exciting school, work, and art supplies to expand our selection, so check back often to see what new must-haves we’ve discovered. looking for a little inspiration? check out our ideas below to get you started!

Create Nature-Inspired Art

a whole world of inspiration awaits right outside your front door! whether you’re looking to awaken your next great poem or short story, or are in the mood to sketch, the natural world offers a well of creative inspiration. load your bag up with some drawing pens, drawing pencils, notebooks, and sketchbooks, and set out for a nearby park. set up a comfy space all your own on the grass, and take in the sights and sounds all around you. will you write about the way the leaves blow in the breeze? or perhaps try your hand at sketching birds, squirrels, or even passersby? whatever you decide on, we can’t wait to see what you create!

Nurture a New Hobby

take time to unlock your inner artist and pursue drawing and other artistic activities in your spare time. kids and adults alike are under a lot of pressure, with school, work, sports, dance, musical lessons and more filling our days. devoting some time to a no-pressure hobby can do wonders for your relaxation, letting your creative mind take over and seeing what your drawing pencil, marker, or artist pen creates!

Mix Things Up this Game Night

there is no denying the appeal of family game nights. in fact, game night is one of five below’s specialties, with tons of great games at awesome prices! but we also appreciate the fun of variety, and recommend swapping out the monopoly board for something a bit more creative this week. think of it as a friendly art competition, with less hotels! bring an array of drawing pens, pencils, markers, or even acrylic paint to the table. provide some sketch paper for everyone, and decide on a topic or specific thing for everyone to paint or draw however they wish. the lucky winner will get their work of art hung for all to see on the best museum wall of all – the fridge!

now that your creativity has been unleashed, keep the creations going with everything from slime kits to sticker books. the world needs more art, and we’re doing our part to ensure every budding kahlo and kandinsky has the supplies they need to get their ideas from their mind to the paper or canvas.