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whether you’re a student, parent, writer, or just a fan of organization and frequent maker of lists, chances are good that there are simply never enough notebooks and folders in your stockpile to tackle it all! at five below, you’ll find spiral notebooks, prong folders, notebook & pen sets, and more. each is available at the awesomely low prices we’re known for, so keeping a stack of quality school and office supplies at the ready is easy and affordable.

Spiral Notebooks

we haven’t actually done the math here (don’t tell our teacher!), but we would guess that if you unrolled the wire from all the spiral notebooks students fill up each year, it would wrap around the globe a few times. save yourself the stress of running out to the store at 8pm when your favorite student decides to tell you they need a new notebook ASAP! five below offers popular mead 1 subject notebooks, in your choice of wide ruled spiral notebooks and college ruled spiral notebooks. add a few packs of pens and pencils to the mix, and they’ll never have an excuse for not finishing their homework!

Prong Folders with Fasteners

whether it’s a project for school or work, or a personal project you’ve been focused on, there is no satisfaction so great as the moment your final copy is ready for its folder finish! available in a wide array of colors, including black, white, red, purple, blue and green, and an assortment of neon shades. these folders are ideal for organizing and presenting homework assignments, essays, writing samples, and so much more.


now that you have all the supplies you need for your written work, it’s time to grab some essentials for sketches and drawing! five below has an extensive selection of journals, sketch pads, drawing utensils and markers to get your creative vision down on paper. with kits ideal for inspiring kids, featuring their favorite characters, this is an activity the whole family can enjoy!

complete your school and office supply shopping at five below, where we have all of the practical items you will need. our notebook and folder selection is perfect for back-to-school time, or any time of year. get organized today with folders, notebooks, and other office supplies – with classic and on-trend options for kids, teens, and adults alike!