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  1. painting rock art™ kit

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bored kids are harder to manage and harder to spend good quality time with. so, make sure that your kids stay engaged without staring into a device all day. kids activity kits like the ones featured on five below, are great tools you can employ to keep your kids minds engaged and entertained. doesn’t matter if you’re looking for bath bomb kits, solar robot kits, sequin room makeover kits, word play bookstoys or anything else that will keep you kids occupied, because five below has them all!

kids these days are accustomed to being bombarded with a constant stream of stimulation. many experts recommend that our kids get lots of opportunities to break away from electronic stimulation and engage with something that actively uses their brains in a non passive manner. kids activity sets can help your kids to take a break from their screen time and use their brains in a little more direct manner. At five below, you can find the latest kids activity kits, including power dinobots, cookbooksboard games and grow your own crystal jewelry kits, all for the low price of just five dollars.

activity kits are great for any time you want to help your kids occupy themselves, whether that’s on a long trip in the car or just while you’re out running errands. kids activity sets are also great for killing time in the doctor or dentist’s waiting room, while shopping, or just about anywhere when you need a little break and you don’t want to plug them into a video game, movie, or social media app.