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give yourself a fierce smokey eye look, killer contours, and a perfect pout with beauty sets and makeup palettes from five below. whether you’re into a natural look with just a little bit of lip gloss and mascara, or you like to give yourself a full-face makeover every morning, you’ll find all of the supplies you need at five below. stock up on high quality makeup brushes that will give you an even coat of foundation, without any cakey spots or uneven coverage. it’s a good idea to replace your makeup brushes about every six months, especially if you use them every day. so instead of breaking the bank to invest in expensive makeup brushes that you’ll just have to replace, why not stock up on makeup brushes from five below, instead.

do you have a costume party or festival coming up where you want your makeup to be out of this world? shop unique and colorful makeup palettes like the “don’t quit your daydream” eyeshadow palette, the “profusion leopard beauty” makeup book, and the “daydreamer unicorn” eyeshadow palette. at the five below makeup shop, you’ll also find mermaid themed makeup brushes and a mermaid mascara trio. you can do yourself up like a glamorous mermaid and hit the streets to show off your majestic beauty. keep all your new makeup safe and organized with five below’s makeup storage  products.

for those who prefer a more low-key look, we also carry blush nude eyeshadow palettes and a pretty sculpt and glow highlighter set. turn your makeup collection into something that you’re proud of with makeup sets and color palettes from five below. you don’t need to break the bank just to get the look you’re going for. at five below, we make it easy to look glamorous for a super affordable price. glamor girls rejoice! never spend your whole paycheck on makeup again.